Tackling malnutrition in older people living at home in Scotland

UK Malnutrition Awareness Week

In 2018 BAPEN and the Malnutrition Task Force launched UK Malnutrition Awareness Week ©. This annual campaign has been set up to help raise the profile of malnutrition, encourage everyone to be able to recognise the signs & symptoms and highlight the importance of screening those at risk.

This year UK Malnutrition Awareness Week © takes place from 10th – 16th October 2022.

At Eat Well Age Well, our focus is on Scotland and how we can all play our part in supporting older adults in our communities to eat well, age well and live well.

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Why do we need to raise awareness of malnutrition ?

1 in 10 older people in Scotland today are at risk of or living with malnutrition (as under-nutrition). However, from our own prevalence data, we think this may be an underestimate, with as many as 20 -30% of older people living in the community at risk.

With your help, we can detect and prevent malnutrition and build the true picture of the issue in Scotland.

Having more conversations with older adults about eating and drinking well, using simple screening tools and sending this data back to Eat Well Age Well will make a positive difference to older people lives.

How can I help

Our Toolkits provide you with clear guidance on how to identify if someone is at risk and how to use practical tools to addess the issue with older people.

Raising the Issue of Malnutrition Toolkit

Suitable for individuals and organisations supporting an older person or older people.

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Our Care at Home: Malnutrition Screening Pack

Suitable for carers and care organisations supprting older people living at home.

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We also provide regular Raising the issue of Malnutrition training for anyone working, volunteering,or caring for older people. Find out more here.

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