Tackling malnutrition in older people living at home in Scotland

Care at Home

Malnutrition is largely preventable and treatable through early intervention and screening, and we recognise that carers and care organisations can play a vital role in identifying and supporting older adults at risk.

The regular contact and trusting relationships carers and care organisations have with older clients enable them to recognise change, making them best placed to have conversations and address concerns about eating and drinking well at home.

Malnutrition Screening Packs

Our packs are designed to help you and/or your organisation to feel confident in addressing malnutrition with the older adults you care for and equip you with easy-to-use screening tools.

We hope that by working together we can measure the true extent of the problem of malnutrition in Scotland and make a real difference for older adults living at home.

Did you know that there is currently no routine screening for malnutrition in community settings?
Current data on rates of malnutrition comes from hospital contexts, yet 93% of malnutrition occurs in older adults living at home and in the community.

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