Literature Review

The Eat Well Age Well initiative was developed because of the lack of policy, practice, services and support available, specifically relating to underweight malnutrition in older people, living at home in Scotland. Part of our work involves carrying out 'tests of change', and research that might help us to learn how to better detect, prevent and tackle malnutrition in older people. We plan to use the evidence we gather to help influence changes in policy and practice about malnutrition. Our literature review will form crucial part of that evidence.

The literature review will cover academic studies, public policy documents, evaluations of community projects and services, and any other relevant material, such as research into the links between social isolation and malnutrition. Although the main focus will be on work in Scotland and the UK, relevant international literature will be included where appropriate.

When completed the full literature review, and a summary report will be available to download from our website.

For more info please contact our Impact & Policy Officer: