Covid-19 Latest Information – May 2020

During the Covid-19 outbreak it is important to ensure that we are still eating and drinking well. Older adults remain disproportionately affected by malnutrition in Scotland with approximately 103, 000 older adults in Scotland suspected to be at risk of malnutrition.

Food access, social isolation and loneliness are significant risk factors for malnutrition in older people and older people are currently facing unprecedented issues surrounding these risk factors due to the recommendations around shielding and social distancing as well as the temporary closure or limitations of many services older people rely on to access shopping, meals and social activities.

Eat Well Age Well have been working with our partners throughout the Covid-19 outbreak to support organisations and groups across Scotland to continue to provide services and projects aimed at improving access to food and prepared meals and alleviating social isolation through food to help prevent malnutrition. We have also moved our regular Raising the Issue of Malnutrition Training online to continue our work in raising awareness of malnutrition throughout Scotland.

We have brought together the following information to help you or the older people you care for continue to eat well as well as some useful links around the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak:

  • The current advice for the public is to continuing eating as normal aiming to stay well nourished and hydrated throughout periods of social distancing and self-isolation.
  • Eat Well Age Well offers free resources regarding general advice around eating well as you get older as well as specific advice around malnutrition.
  • We also offer advice and resources around identifying malnutrition at home and have two easy to use malnutrition tools that can be accessed via our website.
  • The British Dietetic Association are maintaining a regularly updated web page with dietary information and frequently asked questions regarding diet and Covid-19. This is a great resource for anyone with concerns regarding their diet during the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • For the latest up to date advice about Covid-19 in Scotland you can visit the NHS Inform website
  • For information around finding support in your local community visit Ready Scotland.
  • Age Scotland have a put together a webpage containing lots of helpful information around Covid-19. They have also set up a helpline for older people where you can get help and advice around local support as well as a friendly chat for those that are feeling lonely. Age Scotland can be contacted at 0800 12 44 222

Finally if you feel you need any further dietary advice for you or an older person you support, our Project Dietitian Jen Grant is available for you to contact on 07718 489 023 or

We at Eat Well Age Well wish you all the best during this difficult time.

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