Understanding the problem of food security and older people – Join the #EWAWChat on 9th Dec

For the final week in this series of the #EWAWChat we’re discussing how we can better understand the issue of food security and how it affects older people.

We want to hear your views and experiences on what issues can affect an older person’s food security and why we need to better recognise the social and well-being aspects of food.

How to Get Involved

The EWAW Twitter Chat will take place on Wed 9th Dec from 4pm – 5pm All you need to do to get involved is simply to follow us @EatWellScot and/or the hashtag #EWAWChat. 

We will post a question every 10 minutes and you can tweet your replies by starting them with A1., A2., etc. – don’t forget to use the hashtag #EWAWChat otherwise we won’t see your messages.

Here’s a preview to the 5 questions we’ll be asking if you want to prep your answers in advance:

Q1. Can you give an example of an issue that affects an older person’s food security?

Q2. What are the differences between food insecurity and food poverty?

Q3. Our research showed that food access must be paired with social interaction to support healthy ageing, why should these issues be tackled together?  

Q4. Why should policy and practice recognize the social and wellbeing aspects of food?

Q5. There is limited measurement on the wider aspects of food security, why should we measure this?

If you have any queries about joining in our Twitter Chat then please contact our Digital Communications Officer Danielle on daniellerg@eatwellagewell.org.uk

We look forward to you joining the conversation!

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