The Eat Well Age Well Podcast

Have you listened to our brand new podcast?

During 2020 we wanted to find a new way to connect with our audience and find a platform where we could share in more detail how we can all support older people in Scotland to eat well, age well and live well.

We felt a podcast would be a fantastic way to discuss a wide variety of topics relating to food, nutrition and living well in later life and allow us to invite guests to share their thoughts, experiences and knowledge with us.

There are currently 4 episodes to choose from and all episodes are between 30 – 50 minutes long so ideal listening for a lunchtime walk or playing in the background if you’re working from home.

The Eat Well Age Well Podcast is available on a variety of different platforms too including Spotify and Google Podcasts, visit us on Anchor for a full list of apps.

Episode 1: What is Malnutrition?

Eat Well Age Well Project Dietitian Jen Grant joins the show to help break down what malnutrition is and how it can affect older people. 

Episode 2: Communities, Covid and Older People

We speak to representatives from 3 different community based projects to find out how they’ve coped during the Covid-19 crisis, and how they have adapted their services to ensure older people stay nourished and connected. 

Episode 3: Glasgow University Research Study

In 2018 Eat Well Age Well and Food Train partnered with the University of Glasgow to undertake a research study to explore the prevalence of malnutrition in older adults living in Scotland. Dr. Kate Reid and Prof. Catherine Lido from the University of Glasgow join us to discuss their research and what they discovered about health, well-being and eating well in later life. 

Episode 4: Why is it Time for Change?

Impact & Policy Officer for Eat Well Age Well Tilly Robinson-Miles joins the show to chat about about the #TimeForChangeScot campaign and why urgent action is needed now to better support older people to prevent malnutrition.

If you have any questions or feedback for our podcast, or would be interested in being a guest then please contact Danielle Gray at

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