Our Team

Laura Cairns
Project Manager

My role is to work in partnership with key stakeholders to deliver the project strands: tests of change, research and evaluation, policy into practice, collaborative relationships and capacity building.
E: laura@eatwellagewell.org.uk
M: 07718 489018

Michelle Slater
Innovations Officer

My role is to identify, plan and implement tests of change to prevent, detect and treat malnutrition, and to support local people to carry out their own tests of change.
E: michelle.slater@eatwellagewell.org.uk
M: 07718 489027

Susan Newall
Project Support Officer

My role is to support the project by providing all the administrative and financial functions required. I also help develop and facilitate training sessions on good nutrition in later life.
E: sue@eatwellagewell.org.uk
M: 07923 208892

Danielle Redmond Gray
Digital Communications Officer

My role is to implement a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the project and all its activities. I will also be promoting the Eat Well Age Well website as a key source of information and resources.
E: daniellerg@eatwellagewell.org.uk
M: 07718 489029

Tilly Robison-Miles
Impact and Policy Officer

My role is to provide support in measuring the outcomes from the project activities, gather learning and evidence to evaluate their success, and use this to influence policy decisions by stakeholders.
E: tilly@eatwellagewell.org.uk
M: 07718 489024

Jen Grant
Project Dietitian

My role is to sense check the nutritional information used in the project and work with stakeholders to help them identify further opportunities to reduce malnutrition within their own work.
E: jen@eatwellagewell.org.uk
M: 07718 489023