Tackling malnutrition in older people living at home in Scotland

Policy Influencing

Our Policy Influencing work is broad and diverse. It aims to demonstrate to key stakeholders (including civil servants and MSPs) why policy change is necessary in relation to malnutrition.

Eat Well Age Well have responded to multiple Government and Private Members Bill consultations as part of Food Train.

A Right to Food is not currently enshrined into Scots Law. We responded to Elaine Smith MSP’s Private Member’s Bill on the Proposed Right to Food (Scotland) Bill. Read our response here

We responded to the consultation of the Falls and Fracture Prevention Strategy Scotland (2019-2024) arguing the need for a stronger focus around nutrition and food access, e.g., through food shopping support as a preventative approach to falls. Read our response here.

We responded to the SNAP 2 consultation arguing there was a significant omission in the proposal: the right to food. Read our response here. Read our response here .

As well as written responses to Government Consultations, Eat Well Age Well work to influence policy in other ways:
  • Eat Well Age Well are a member of the Scottish Food Coalition; a collective of organisations working for food justice and the introduction of the Good Food Nation BillAs part of the coalition, we have presented our learning alongside other civil society organisations and the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Right To Food – see here.
  • Eat Well Age Well are a member of the UK Malnutrition Awareness and Prevention Network (MAPN). In 2020 we co-signed a letter to all 4 nation Health Secretaries calling for action on the prevention of malnutrition

  • In March 2020, Food Train CEO Michelle Carruthers and Eat Well Age Well Project Manager, Laura Cairns, wrote an article for Policy Scotland alongside Dr Kate Reid and Prof. Catherine Lido from the University of Glasgow discussing Food Train’s initial response to the Covid-19 pandemic and hopes for policy change read here

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